You can create connections between planned tasks by marking tasks as depending on other tasks. 

You can’t assign as a dependency to a task which is above. Also, our way to assign dependencies is upside down, you first select the task who has dependencies, and then, you choose their dependencies.

For most softwares It Normally work like this: you select the Task which is a dependency and then you select their direct parent. That is not most efficient way, because you can’t assign multiples dependencies at the same time, you need to do it one by one. 

In Workep, it’s just an adjustment over the mindset, so, you can easily say when I complete this task(parent) - these are the next. Allowing you the flexibility to assign multiple at the same time.

Within Workep you can create four types of dependencies: Start - Finish, Finish - Start, Finish - Finish and Start - Start, each one with their specific set of rules: 

Start - Finish

Start to Finish dependencies refers to when a preceding task must start before a successing task can finish.

Finish - Start

Finish to Start dependencies refers to when the predecessor task must finish BEFORE the successor task can start. 

Finish - Finish 

Finish to Finish dependencies refer to when the predecessor task and successor task have to finish at exactly the same time.


Start to Start dependencies refer to when the predecessor task and the successor task have to start at exactly the same time.  

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